About us

"If you take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves."

I grew up with this old adage that was told over and over by my grandfather growing up as a kid. As an immigrant who came to this country with five dollars in his pocket, lived through the Great Depression, and built himself from the ground up; it was imperative that he teach his children and grandchildren to save for their future by taking care of their pennies.

We joke as a family about how many rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, soap containers, and other miscellaneous items my grandparents store in their house when they find a good deal in the stores. 

As a woman who graduated college a few years ago, became recently married, and runs a household, I have learned first hand how ridiculously expensive kitchen, bathroom, and personal items can be, but you still need to shell out the cash because they are necessities. 

Discount Essentials thrives on one mission, and that is to cut down costs of kitchen, bathroom, and personal care items to make them more affordable so that you can save for what really matters to you. 

-Sofia Abuzobaa